The party's over.

I'm done with American Idol. What used to be a pseudo-legitimate launching place for real music talent has become a tween girls' self-indulging fantasy show. They HAVE to change the voting system: One phone, one vote.

I'm happy for Lee; he seems like a genuinely good guy and he's talented but Crystal should have won, just as Adam should have won last year. And this season was tainted all along by ridiculous eliminations. Lilly Scott? Didi Benami? Paige Miles may have been "boring" but the chick could sing. It was supposed to be "the girls' year" and instead we got stuck with Aaron Kelly and Tim F'ing Urban for waaaaaay too long while more talented girls got cut.

And not just girls. Tyler Grady was a real talent but because he looked like a scarecrow wearing an afro....snipped first round. He just wasn't poster-on-the-wall-Teen-Beat material, I guess.

And with no Simon next year, the incentive to keep watching is further diminished. I'm done.
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Book progress...

Not much progress lately, as I've been sidelines by sciatica and my toddler's continued reticence to sleep more than six consecutive hours. Thanks to my back, I haven't been able to sit at the computer longer than five minutes at a time but have been too burnt to do much anyway. The only real progress I made was affirming (through Facebook) that the town I live in is nearly entirely populated with morons.

But today, despite a serious lack of sleep, I can sit again, so we'll see if I can churn something out. I HAVE to finish this sucker before Baby #2 is born since I will have zero free time and even less sleep. Weeee!

I think I'm at the point with the book of layering. I had a skeleton and now I have to put on the flesh and bone and meaty bits. There are still some original writing to do, but mostly I just have to hone what I have. The book Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyon is extremely helpful in this regard. I highly recommend this book to anyone polishing a novel *coughcough*greenwillow27coughcough*
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Baby #2 also a girl. :)

Yes, I wanted a boy, but the tech said she looked healthy and that's all that really matters. I just hope Isabel doesn't kill her. LOL

Woah. Now it's really real. Another baby. I saw her n' everything. :D
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New wordcount

So the new first draft of the "new" book (after breaking the three huge sections into their own books) has a word count of 122,234. I still need to add some stuff, still need to cut some stuff, but that should be the ballpark figure. I can live with that number.
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This may be blasphemous in some circles, but I'm realizing I'm not a huge Neil Gaiman fan. I keep buying his books and I keep feeling blah about them. Unless he's teamed up with Terry Pratchett (Good Omens was awesome) I'm just not that into him.


Cutting this massive book into a smaller book is harder than I thought. I don't have a definitive finale. The finale I had for the larger edition is massive and epic and all that happy crappy, but not this one. I can't figure out where to end it. I don't want it to end with a whimper instead of a bang. :/
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Rockin' and rollin'...

Now that I've decided to chop up the first book into two (or three, though most likely two) entities, a great burden has been lifted. I've been editing pretty steadily for long stretches at a time and have gotten through 141 pages (out of 262 according to Word.) I'm in the worst part, however. This is the section written during NaNoWriMo two years ago and so it is very rough and needs a ton more work than the first bit.

But progress is being made and that makes me a very happy gal. :)
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Help requested...

What's a better and less modern-sounding word for "freak"? I've scoured the thesauresess and I can't seem to find an alternative I like.

The context is an insulting name for someone who is different. Not physically, just different and an outcast because of it. "Freak" sums up the emotion behind it but sounds too modern to me.

Any suggestions?